Brandon Rodriguez
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Brandon Rodriguez who was born in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky on February 3, 1988.  
We lost Brandon here in Redding Ca, on 
January 28, 2006 at the age of 17. 
We will remember him forever. 
May his legacy save the life of another child..

Definition: SELF ASPHYXIA (THE CHOKING GAME) This activity is not a Game! It's a traditional activity passed on for generations through whispers of typically 9-14 year old children on playgrounds, at school, camp, and from friends. The Choking Game is played in both in groups and by a single child. The object of the 'game' is asphyxiation, as in, to apply pressure to restrict oxygen and/or blood flow to the brain of the victim therefore creating a desired 'floaty', 'tingling', 'high' sensation. The 'high' are the cells of the brain seizing and beginning the process of permanent cell death. When the victim becomes unconscious, the pressure is released and the secondary 'high' of the oxygen/blood rushing to the brain is achieved. If the victim is alone - upon unconsciousness there is no one to release the pressure and the victims own body weight continues to tighten the ligature usually resulting in death. 'Typical' Profile: Unlike other risk-taking behaviors, self-choking often occurs among well- adjusted, high achieving students looking to have a sensational experience. 9 -16 is the most common age and it is predominantly male participants. Although younger and older adolescents along with females are involved.
Life In a 2006 poll of 500 6th-12th graders: 53% of the boys admitted playing "The Choking Game" Of those who admitted playing: 86% admitted to playing 2x/week 64% admitted to playing alone More Stats of The Choking Game: 75% of children know about the game - these children were NOT aware of any of the risks 25% of parents knew about the game and it's risks. 87% of fatal cases involved a lone participant 70% of Accidental Asphyxia cases occured in the child's bedroom, within the family's own home! t -

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It has taken 4 children in our town alone

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What a Happy boy!!!!   / Diante Wayne ((Braden Erickson's friend) )
Brandon,         I just think that you're a kind of guy to be good enough to hang with my buddy, Braden. He died from this game. He was thirteen. I hope you meet him. I really miss him and I'm sure your family miss...  Continue >>
Handsome young man!   / Shari Whitehead (PASSER-BY)
What a handsome young man. When your in heaven Brandon, could you please play basketball with my son Yannick? Please hang on to the beautiful memories, that you have with your son, their priceless. God bless your family. I hope that your pain lessens...  Continue >>
In Your memory   / Denise Gillentine- Bruckner (friend)
Hey Brandon, I made this sight in your honor, Your dad put together all of the pictures for get the honor of growing up with my son. you and him will meet In paradise and live forever....
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